50 Amazing Simple House Facade Ideas to Inspire You 50

50 Amazing Simple House Facade Ideas to Inspire You!

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The facade is someone’s first impression of your home, and more than that: it is what initiates the interior decoration. After all, if you follow a certain style with exterior construction, it makes sense to keep it inside. It is therefore important to have a carefully designed design that demonstrates good aesthetics and functionality.

You don’t have to make a super elaborate and luxurious project. A simple house facade can be quite elegant and beautiful if it is well planned.

Check out some practical tips for having a simple but beautiful home facade:

  • Use neutral colors like white, gray and beige to create a timeless and elegant look.
  • Put an interesting covering like a porcelain tile, stone or some 3D model on some detail of the facade.
  • Take care of your garden. Even a small garden can contribute a lot to your home facade.
  • You can also use some wooden detail, such as a panel on the entrance door.
  • Take care of your roof. If the roof appears, choose an enamelled model so that it does not get dirty very easily.

A simple house does not have to be simple, it can have a facade that is elegant, beautiful, inviting and practical. To broaden your mind with the many facade possibilities, we decided to create a list of 50 amazing inspirations for simple home facade. Check out !


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