56 Inspiring Living Room Mirror Decor Ideas That You Must See 56

56 Inspiring Living Room Mirror Decor Ideas That You Must See

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The mirror is an indispensable item in any home, that is a fact. But this item is no longer just functional, but also has a decorative role. So much so that we can find a mirror enhancing the decoration of various corners of the house. In the living room the mirror already has its guaranteed space. And no wonder, after all, this object is able to bring amplitude, increase brightness and still make the room even more beautiful and charming.

Where to Put Mirror in the Room
The mirror is quite versatile and can be placed in various places in the room. Usually it is placed somewhere that wants to generate more amplitude. However, it can also be purely decorative, especially if it is worked like a double-edged mirror.

Behind the dining table
A fairly common place is behind or beside the dining table. Especially in apartments and small rooms, it can generate more breadth and appear to have a larger dining table.

TV wall
Another common place is on the TV wall, placed on the sides of the TV panel or as a decorative mirror.

Behind the sofa
If your sofa is leaning against a wall, it may be a good option to place a large mirror on the back wall to generate more room in the room.

Any corridor or passage
If you want to enjoy that unused corner or a narrow hallway in the room, why not put a mirror? It can be a flat or flat model. It can also have a different color as a bronze, generating more refinement.

The size and model chosen should take into account the wall that will accommodate it. The large mirrors that cover the entire wall serve to bring breadth to the space. Already the smaller and framed mirrors, serve as decorative effect and can bring warmth to the room.
It is also important to remember to choose a mirror that matches the existing decor in your room. If you choose a framed mirror, consider your room decor and use the same style.
Another tip is not to leave a mirror in front of another mirror or some mirrored furniture, as it can overload the environment.

Next you will see beautiful mirror inspirations in the room, so it will be much easier for you to decide which one suits your home the most!

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